Our knowledge of tariffs in regulated areas, along with reviewing past and current contract rates in deregulated markets helps us work for you and stay focused to save your organization money.


Our Mission

Our corporate mission and standards at American Utility Bill Auditors, Inc. (AUBA) are simple: to accurately review utility billings and recommend savings wherever possible. Auditing is a human endeavor; we can provide positive results, but having two-way communication is 100% necessary, since we can never change anything unless you, the client, approve of it. We practice full confidentiality of all client records and information.

Working With Us

Professional auditing and consulting for our clients is again a two-way street. It is standard for AUBA to be provided access to quarterly utility invoices by fax, mail, e-mail or online access, which is highly important to monitoring your utility costs. Before the audit begins, clients must advise us up-front of pending credits and also inform us if there are limits in any areas to audit. We must have 100% full communication in all areas in order to perform a successful audit. Please contact us regarding any changes during the monitoring process so your account is duly noted while we are monitoring your accounts. We will respond and confirm all issues as your audit progresses. 

American Utility Bill Auditors, Inc. has helped to save us over $100k+ per year by simply reviewing and correcting our electric and natural gas bills! We were over-paying and their team was even able to obtain a refund going back 5 years! Highly recommended.
— David Johnson, Nature Conservancy Center

The Auditing Process

To give you, the potential client, a time and action plan, the following sequence of events should take place. Once we have a signed Utility Monitoring Agreement (UMA), Letter of Authorization (LOA) and necessary account billing numbers (latest copy of your most recent bills) sent to us, we can then start your audit: Due to the high volume of demand to audit, quarterly planning by AUBA is necessary.

Step 1: Analyze each utility invoice for each location / exchange
American Utility Bill Auditors will review every rate for every item billed to determine if it is billed in accordance with prevailing tariff regulations. AUBA maintains an up-to-date tariff library.

Step 2: Perform a physical inventory of equipment at each location
The inventories will be done for each individual billing location. The inventory will include all Central Office Services and terminal equipment found at each location. Each rate class will be identified and proper analysis determined, if the right class of service has been classified.

Step 3: Reconciliation
This is done by comparing the inventory with the appropriate Customer Service Record. This will result in a list of services billed that could not be found and services found that are not billed. At this time, we utilize our tariff library to determine if the items that are billed and found are being billed in accordance with prevailing tariff regulations - this will result in a discrepancy list.

Step 4: Claims
All billing discrepancies will be submitted to the appropriate utility with a copy to your company. The utility will then set up a date with us to verify our complaint. Upon verification we will request the vendor to correct the bill immediately. This will correct the bills immediately, while we continue our research to determine when the over-billings began. Our client and local utility (The local provider, and long distance vendors, energy providers, water and waste companies) records are utilized to establish the date of calculation for refunds.